I thought that Postgres Open 2011 was very well done. I liked the content, the location, and most especially the atmosphere, which felt much more welcoming than some PostgreSQL conferences I’ve attended. This last point bears repeating: I’d exceeded my tolerance for trash talk about MySQL at other conferences, and this event made me feel valued again. I believe that the leaders and organizers set the tone, so I think that Selena and the committee deserve a lot of credit and thanks for the warm atmosphere.

I see that Selena has already announced that there’ll be a 2012 event, which is great. I intend to support it, and I’ve already marked the date on my calendar.

A few people asked me what instrumentation to support scalability and performance analysis would be valuable inside PostgreSQL. The answer I gave in my talk was somewhat sidestepping the question, in hindsight, and I agreed afterwards to follow up with a blog post about it. I’ll write that when I have a chance.

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