What I want to see at Percona Live

For me, next week’s Percona Live is a lot like other events: I know I will be busy meeting and greeting and helping unpack boxes and so forth, but I’ll also be talking and attending other talks. With five concurrent tracks, it’s tough to decide. This is roughly the equivalent of the MySQL conference every year, which has more tracks, but historically it’s been easy to cross off some talks as sales pitches. Not so with this event! Here’s what I want to see the most:

  • Clustrix’s keynote. I’ve watched the progress of our tests with Clustrix very closely. If you’re coming to the conference, don’t oversleep.
  • Henrik’s session on high availability technologies.
  • Johan’s session on NDB performance.
  • Fred’s talk on Spider.
  • Shlomi’s talk about SQL coding. Shlomi’s talks kind of remind me of the things Beat Vontobel does (solving a sudoku with a single query, anyone?)
  • And of course, Domas’s closing keynote.

Perceptive readers will note that I left some slots empty. I haven’t decided yet. It’s too hard to choose.

I will be presenting two things next week: a 3-hour tutorial on how to diagnose problems (part one: method; part two: tools), and a session on black-box performance analysis and scalability modeling with TCP packet headers.

See you there – I hope!

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