Don't wait to book your Percona Live hotel

If you haven’t booked your hotel room yet, you should do it ASAP. The hotel is going to raise their rates at the same time the early-bird conference rate expires. This is a coincidence: Percona has no control over hotel prices. (There is a group discount rate, but we don’t call the shots on that.)

A good rule of thumb is that if you’re thinking about traveling somewhere, you should book your hotel immediately, and cancel if you change your mind. You can save a lot of money on booking the hotel early, and hotels allow cancellations without a charge. So there is no downside and a lot of potential upside! Sometimes I book several hotels and then cancel all but one of them.

With regard to this event, I have always found that staying in the hotel (as opposed to a nearby hotel) increases the value a lot. Traveling back and forth eats into networking opportunities a lot. So, if you want to stay in the official hotel, my advice is book now, decide later.

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