BoFs and lightning talks at the MySQL conference

We’re running Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions and lightning talks this year at the MySQL conference, similarly to previous years. You can help by submitting proposals ASAP. The deadline is Monday, and it is a hard deadline.

Submit a BoF SessionSubmit a Lightning Talk

Why is this a big deal? Why the hard deadline? It turns out that this is one of the things I always underestimated. Planning for these is actually quite difficult and they are very expensive. That’s because we have to ensure that there is room for them to take place, doors are unlocked, and the lights are turned on. This really surprised me – I always thought it was simple to let people gather together in the evening. Well, nothing is simple at a big conference venue. If you want to have a BoF session at a bar, that’s simple, but that’s not what this conference has typically done, and we are trying to continue the conference as it’s always been.

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