My earlier blog post was wrong, our block of rooms for the conference is still available past the 12th of March. However, there are apparently zero rooms available in the Hyatt other than our reserved block, and our block discount will expire soon (I’m a little hazy on the exact details, because I thought it was the 12th). What I have been told in no uncertain terms is this: “If you know anyone who plans to attend the conference and needs a hotel room, they should book IMMEDIATELY in our room block or they will not be able to get a room in the Hyatt either at a reasonable rate or at all.

Please don’t ask me to help – I’m not involved in this, just trying to get the information out there. The logistics are beyond my ken.

Update: apparently the room discount rate ends on the 19th when our reservation on the block of rooms is released or something – again, beyond my understanding. I am a Bear of Very Small Brain…

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