Progress on High Performance MySQL, 4th Edition

Note: This post was an April Fool’s Joke. I was not actually working on a 4th edition. As of 2016, there’s no project to create a 4th edition yet.

With the 3rd edition of High Performance MySQL finally complete, I’ve begun work on the 4th edition. As you know, technology moves much faster than printing presses, and a book is outdated very quickly, so this is a never-ending project. I’m also outlining the 5th edition in anticipation of starting it immediately afterwards.

I’m looking for your input on what I should cover in the new edition. Should I discuss MySQL’s intra-query parallelization across multiple CPU cores? Should I explore how cloud computing platforms enable higher performance at lower cost than dedicated hardware? Should I explain the bizarre bug in MySQL’s datetime type that causes it to skip the day after March 31st every year? What are your suggestions?

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