Sessions I want to see at MySQL conference 2012

In case you live under a rock, the MySQL conference starts on Tuesday. There are 8 concurrent tracks of content. Aside from my own talks, here are the sessions I would most like to see.

On Tuesday:

  • Tutorial: Innodb and XtraDB Architecture and Performance Optimization. Peter’s talks are always great, and this is a perennial favorite. If you have never been, you should go to this one. You will realize how little you really know about InnoDB/XtraDB, and how much it matters.
  • Tutorial: Linux and H/W optimizations for MySQL. Last year I tweeted that Yoshinori’s tutorial was the 3rd edition of High Performance MySQL, and I really wasn’t exaggerating that much.
  • BoF session: Percona XtraDB Cluster. I believe that this is one of the few truly groundbreaking changes to MySQL – right up there with “MySQL has transactions now” and “MySQL adds replication.”

On Wednesday:

On Thursday:

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