Interest building in Percona XtraDB Cluster

In the last few weeks I’ve been caught off guard by the number of people who’ve told me they have been evaluating Percona XtraDB Cluster (link), and even more surprised at the projects they’re considering it for. Yesterday alone I spoke to several people who have been evaluating it for large, mission-critical enterprise deployments. Some new, some to replace existing systems that use standard MySQL replication. What was interesting is that some people said they’ve been putting it through its paces for months – before we even released it as GA.

Another person said he was evaluating it and tried a bunch of things like killing nodes, and it “just worked.” He sounded like he’d been suspicious: had it REALLY worked? But then, on further investigation, he was able to confirm that yes, it had just worked. The node went away; the cluster as a whole was healthy and happy.

It’s funny how you can get a feeling about the momentum on a product or idea or event. It probably builds upon the little things, like tone of voice or expressions on peoples’ faces. In any case I have this gut feeling about Percona XtraDB Cluster: it’s about to happen.

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