MySQL’s SHOW STATUS and SHOW VARIABLES commands (or queries against the corresponding INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables) don’t always show what they say. In particular, SHOW STATUS contains several rows that aren’t status-related, but are really configuration variables in my opinion (and it is an opinion – sometimes the difference isn’t black and white).

Here’s a short list of some status counters that I think are really better off as configuration variables:

  • Innodb_page_size
  • Replica_heartbeat_period
  • Ssl_cipher
  • Ssl_cipher_list
  • Ssl_ctx_verify_depth
  • Ssl_ctx_verify_mode
  • Ssl_default_timeout
  • Ssl_session_cache_mode
  • Ssl_verify_depth
  • Ssl_verify_mode
  • Ssl_version

Most of those are legacy, but Replica_heartbeat_period is a recent addition.

Can you think of others? What are your favorite oddities of SHOW STATUS and SHOW VARIABLES?

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