I’m scheduled to talk about Go a couple times in the upcoming weeks.

The first is May 4th in Arlington at A Day Of Foster.ly. I’ll be a participant in a panel titled Add To Your Programming Toolkit: Languages You Should Know About (Erlang, Clojure, R, Go, etc…). I’m talking about Go, naturally.

The second May 7th is at my local technology guild, the Neon Guild. I’m going to be giving a “gentle introduction” to Go. I’ve been programming in Go for less than a year, so my first impressions are still fresh. If you are in the Charlottesville area and you haven’t been to a Neon Guild meeting, do yourself a favor and show up. It’s free and no RSVP is required. Description:

It seems that every time I tell someone we’ve chosen Go as our primary language at VividCortex, they respond with something like “I’ve heard about Go! Neat! What is it like? Why did you choose it? Are you happy with it?” The answer is that Go is a fascinating language that’s working great for us. After many years of programming in everything from C to Java to C# to Perl to LISP to Shell, I’m pretty much in love with Go. There are particular reasons I chose it for our special use case, but beyond just niche considerations, it’s working great as a general-purpose, high-performance, very productive systems language. I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm and tell a story about evaluating it, learning it, and then learning it more deeply.

I hope to see you at one of these events. If you see me, wave and introduce yourself, and give me a business card so I can stalk connect with you on LinkedIn!

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