I’ll be joining Percona for a free day of MySQL education and insight at their upcoming Percona University Washington DC event on September 12th. My topic is accessing MySQL from Google’s Go programming language. I’ve learned a lot about this over the past year or so, and hopefully I can help you get a quick-start.

If you’re not familiar with Go, it’s the darling of the Hacker News crowd these days. Anything with “Go” in its title gets to the front page for at least a little while! Go is a great systems programming language. It’s safe to say I’ve fallen in love with it, and it’s now my favorite programming language of all those I’ve used over my entire career. I chose it because it’s ideally suited for VividCortex’s agent programs (zero dependencies, compiled, lightweight, high performance, robust, makes concurrency easy and safe), and we’re using it for our API servers and backend processing jobs for many of the same reasons.

There’s a lot of great content at these free Percona University events. If you’re not near Washington DC, you should sign up for Percona’s conferences and training newsletter so you find out about the next one near you.

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