Oracle released a bunch of MySQL stuff they’ve been working on since the last huge release, and my blog reader filled up with a few dozen posts I’m gonna have to read through so I don’t feel ignorant. Dear MySQL Engineering Team, could you take pity on me and release these gradually over the course of a month or so next time? Especially since Google discontinued Reader, and I’m using Feedly now, and it has a bug that I can’t figure out how to report, which result in articles being marked as read when I scroll, which makes me feel super-paranoid-insecure that I’m gonna miss an article that I scrolled over without having read yet.

Woe is me?

And to make it worse, or better, Mark Callaghan wrote a bunch of blog posts about his performance tests of the new MySQL DMR release. More to read, alas, hooray.

So, dear MySQL Engineering Team, if you can’t release things gradually, would you please publish a summary blog post or article? With blue links that turn purple when I’ve visited them? Maybe I missed it – or scrolled past it.

With chocolate and beer,


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