Something interesting happened after I published my ultimate notebook and journal face-off blog post a couple of months ago. I received an email from a company called Grandluxe, asking if I’d like to receive some stationery products in hopes that if I liked them, I’d write a review on them. I had never heard of them before, but they’ve been making paper products for 68 years, and apparently are trying to break out of the Asian market into international territory.

I agreed, and they sent me quite a large box of notebooks. They also sent me their full product line catalog. So you could say that, as a notebook nerd, I’m in heaven!

I really like the products. (I’ve already disclosed my bias. But I’ll do it again. I was given these free of charge.)

Monologue Ruled Notebook

They sent me an entire set of the Monologue ruled notebook in A5 size, assorted attractive colors. It is very similar to a Moleskine-class notebook. It has a slightly softer and more “grippy” cover, but otherwise there’s little difference. I had enough to give one to my wife, to each of my coworkers, and keep the prettiest color for myself.


Mythology Notebook

I received three small (A6) and one A5 in this product line. The paper is a little smoother and the edges are gilded in gold and silver colors. The covers are charcoal black with silvery/goldish undertones. They are hard and stiff, not soft and flexible like the Monologue, and have a knurled or bumpy feel. The spine is embossed with the product name in gilding to match the edge of the sheets. The A5 has a pseudo-reptile-skin pattern on the binding. These would make a great gift or promotional item, because they look really sophisticated. Note that the colors in the image below are a little exaggerated; in reality the gold/silver tones are more subtle.


This item doesn’t seem to be available on their online store yet, but you can find more details and images here.

Monolette Notebook

This is a slim notebook with a flexible cover (thick paper, not rigid at all) that comes in combination packs. Each pack has one ruled notebook and one blank notebook with perforated pages for easy tear-out.


This item doesn’t seem to be available on their online store yet, but you can find more details and images here.

Bullet Journaling

I recently stumbled on an interesting system of journaling / note-taking called Bullet Journal. Although it’s a little bit over-the-top in some ways, and sometimes feels like being told the obvious or told to follow a system that seems unlikely to hold together in the “real world,” it is fun to see that other people enjoy taking notes on paper as much as I do. Worth a read.



There’s an embarrassment of riches to choose from when it comes to journals and notebooks, and my bookshelf is stockpiled with a couple of years’ worth now that I’ve done this epic series. But in today’s digital world, can you ever get too much of good old paper and pen? Enjoy the simpler pleasures… I hope this blog has helped with that a little bit.

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