Enough negativity sometimes gets slung around that it’s easy to forget how much good is going on. I want to give a public thumbs-up to the great job the MySQL community team is doing, especially Morgan Tocker.

I don’t remember ever having so much good interaction with this team, not even in the “good old days”:

  • Advance notice of things they’re thinking about doing (deprecating, changing, adding, etc)
  • Heads-up via private emails about news and upcoming things of interest (new features, upcoming announcements that aren’t public yet, etc)
  • Solicitation of opinion on proposals that are being floated internally (do you use this feature, would it hurt you if we removed this option, do you care about this legacy behavior we’re thinking about sanitizing) I don’t know who or what has made this change happen, but it’s really welcome. I know Oracle is a giant company with all sorts of legal and regulatory hoops to jump through, for things that seem like they ought to be obviously the right thing to do in an open-source community. I had thought we were not going to get this kind of interaction from them, but happily I was wrong.

(At the same time, I still wish for more public bug reports and test cases; I believe those things are really in everyone’s best interests, both short- and long-term.)

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