Join me and other Velocity attendees during the Wednesday afternoon 2:40pm break for a 10-15 minute guided meditation session appropriate for people of any faith or of none.

Meditation has a host of scientifically proven immediate and long-term benefits. If you get an extra 10% of clarity and effectiveness for the rest of the afternoon, you’ll end up learning more and making your conference experience more worthwhile.

I’ll guide you through a process of checking in and becoming aware of your body and mind. Then we’ll let the body rest until we come back for it, while we turn our attention to the breath for a few minutes. During this time we’ll notice and be gently curious about thoughts and feelings that spontaneously arise. Then we’ll bring our attention back to our bodies and senses, and finish with a few deep breaths.

This practice is easy and nonjudgmental. Your mileage may vary, but I find that I’m able to take the resulting sense of calm and clarity with me into my other activities afterwards.

We’ll begin at 3pm sharp, so please arrive a few minutes early. I haven’t yet finalized the meeting location. Follow me on Twitter and when I settle on a good location, I’ll announce it. Retweet my announcement if you plan to join us, so I have a sense of how much room we’ll need.

If you want to add this to your Google Calendar, here’s a link to an event.

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