O’Reilly Velocity is November 17-19 in Barcelona. O’Reilly gave me a 2-day pass to give away, and I decided to have some fun with it. We’re also giving away a pass on the VividCortex blog, so you can double your odds of winning.

For your chance to win a 2-day pass, do one of the following:

  • Answer any of the following questions; or
  • Write a haiku that’s somehow relevant to Velocity

Tweet your answers to @xaprb with #velocitytrivia. You can find the answers to the questions on the velocityconf.com website. Speed and accuracy is your friend in this game, as answers will not be accepted after November 6. I’ll announce the winner November 7. Good luck!

Here are the questions:

Q.1: Which sessions are about anomaly detection? Make sure you look for one that doesn’t have “anomaly” in the title.

Q.2: Which session (link to it) might help you avoid cognitive traps?

Q.3: Which session (link to it) is absolutely swimming in puns?

Q.4:What are the “five reasons” to come to Velocity? Bolded reasons are fine. (hint, reading About Velocity will help)

Q.5: Which Velocity EU Event gives you 5 minutes to get on stage and talk your latest passion, idea or hack?

Q.6: Who’s going to get up on stage and use math and physics to tune a musical instrument, and what does that have to do with web performance and operations?

Done! Now Read These:

Two of My Favorite Conferences: Velocity and Surge

The third is Chocolate Con, but you knew that.

Monitorama 2014: This One Weird Time-Series Math Trick

Tried the Kolmogorov; bartender was out of Smirnov.

Freeing some Velocity videos

O'Reilly has encouraged me to post some of my Velocity talks online.