If you haven’t heard about PGConfSV yet, it’s a conference for the Silicon Valley PostgreSQL community and beyond, featuring leading PostgreSQL performance and scalability experts. It’s happening November 17-18 at the South San Francisco Conference Center. I encourage everyone in the area to attend, since this is likely to be the best Postgres conference held thus far in the Silicon Valley.

I also urge you to buy your tickets before they sell out! Of course, the earlier you buy, the more you save, too. (Use SeeMeSpeak for a 20% discount).

I’ll be at the conference along with some of my colleagues. I’m pretty excited about this for a few reasons. Allow me to ‘splain why?

First, I’ve loved PostgreSQL for a long time although fate has mostly seen me work in the MySQL community. I’ve attended, spoken, helped organize and otherwise been involved in a handful of Postgres events, and this conference brings back a lot of good memories and anticipation. Among other things, Terry Erisman is one of the principal organizers and he does a fantastic job of overseeing conferences. Seriously. He’s one of the big reasons the MySQL conference not only continued, but rebounded after the dark days of the Sun acquisition. PostgreSQL fans should be thrilled to have him involved.

Secondly, VividCortex is a sponsor, so I’ll be there in an official capacity.

Finally, I’m speaking about sniffing the network protocol off the wire and analyzing it. If you’ve seen any of my talks about “finding hidden treasures in TCP traffic” kinds of topics, hopefully you’ll have an idea of what might be in store in that talk.

I also participated in an interview leading up to the conference, on why I’m so excited not only about this particular event, but also why I’m more and more excited about PostgreSQL in general. As a community and as a technology, it’s really exploding onto the scene in ways a lot of people don’t appreciate yet. (But they will!)

Come be a part of the next big sea change in opensource relational databases!

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