I use Google Docs and Google Sheets a lot. At some point I found quick-URLs that will create a new document and spreadsheet from a bookmark.

I use these to start a new document and start typing notes while doing a 1:1 or in a meeting, or when I need a scratchpad, or when I’m taking some text or notes from somewhere and putting it into my Drive for archiving.

(I keep my personal and business documents and notes separate, so my personal Google Drive folder has YYYY-MM date-organized folders of all my past work that isn’t shared with anyone.)

Here’s the shortcuts you can bookmark or drag to your bookmarks bar:

These have “user zero” encoded in the URL, which assumes you want to create a new document under the first Google account you’re signed into. If you want a different one you’ll need to edit the URL to contain .../u/1/create or similar.

I found that other shortcut URLs work too, with a little trial-and-error:

I’m sure you can figure out one that will work for a Form or Drawing too. But I only use Doc and Sheet shortcuts myself.

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