Someone asked me on Twitter some time ago if I was familiar with the Simple and Sinister kettlebell workout. I was not. Now it’s one of my go-to workouts. It’s remarkably simple, yet extremely hard and effective.

The workout is as follows: set a timer to alarm every minute on the minute, and do

  • Five rounds of ten single-handed kettlebell swings each arm. That is ten one arm, ten the other arm, active rest till the end of the minute, repeat 5x.
  • Rest one minute.
  • Ten Turkish Get-Ups, alternating arms, one each minute. That is 5 each arm.

The whole workout is fifteen minutes plus one minute of rest (5 minutes of swings and 10 minutes of TGU’s). It is longer than I prefer. Some days I just do the swings and finish in 5 minutes. I rarely work out more than 3-5 minutes except on weekends.

If you don’t know how to swing a kettlebell safely, don’t do this. If you don’t know what Turkish Get-Ups are, don’t do this. Learn with a coach. Safety first.

You can buy a book by Pavel Tsatsouline to learn more about the exercise and how to perform swings and get-ups. But it is not enough (and the pictures are of a man in black clothing swinging a black bell in a studio draped in black fabric, not a good choice).

You can search for Pavel Tsatsouline on YouTube and find a lot of good material from the man himself, too. But I advise you to get personal coaching.

Strange things happen when you train with a kettlebell. I can remember when I could barely do two-handed swings with a kettlebell half the weight that feels insignificant one-armed today.