Switching From Swiftype to a Static JSON Index and LunrJS

I was shocked how easy it was to add a browser-based search engine to this website using LunrJS and Hugo’s new content types. With a few small changes and less than 30 minutes of work, I had a great search engine up and running. I moved it under the menu and made it into a separate search page.

If you’re interested to mimic my approach, you can see the commit that I used to add the search page. I copy-pasted most of this code from articles here and here.

(Update: I broke my RSS feeds with the commit above, and needed two more to fix them).

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I’d like to express my appreciation to Swiftype for their excellent search engine, which I have now removed. I’ve used it for years and always loved their service. I still use it, and will continue doing so, for cases that require more robust capabilities.

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