What is it like to write a technical book?

Update, almost a year later: Take this with a grain of salt. I wrote it after an incredible marathon of staying up most of the night for months on end. My take on it now that I have some distance from the project is -- I'd definitely work with Andy Oram and O'Reilly again, and I'd be able to make the process a lot easier for myself the second time.

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Grab your High Performance MySQL sample content

Final versions of High Performance MySQL, Second Edition sample content are posted at the official website. You can download unrestricted PDFs of the foreword, table of contents, chapter 4 (Query Performance Optimization), and the index.

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Pre-Order High Performance MySQL Second Edition

If you’re waiting for High Performance MySQL Second Edition to hit the shelf, you’re not the only one. I am too! I can’t wait to actually hold it in my hands. But you don’t have to wait idly. No, not at all! You can pre-order it and then you’ll get it as soon as possible. Plus your pre-order will help them figure out how much demand there is, so it doesn’t sell out and make you wait for your own copy.

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Spring 2008 issue of MySQL Magazine

Keith Murphy and his hard-working crew have released the spring 2008 issue of MySQL Magazine. Go take a look – it includes quite a few articles on various topics, even a mention of our upcoming book (High Performance MySQL, Second Edition).

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